A Complete Guide To Using And Making Money From The Proclass School Management Software

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The School Management Software: everything you need to get started.

Hi! You may have probably heard about the Proclass School Management Software. And you are wondering how you can use it to advance your school management system or probably make money from it.

If that is typical of you, then you have come to the right place. Because in this article, we are not only going to show you the possibilities and merits of using the Proclass Management Software, we shall be revealing to you how you can make money (I mean cool cash) out of it.

We are going to cover the following crucial aspects of the application of the Class management Software:

  1.  What is a Proclass School Management Software
  2.  Why every school needs a Proclass School Management Software
  3.  Why should you choose the Proclass management Software over other similar solutions?
  4.  What offer are we giving you for using the Proclass School Management Software
  5.  How can you make money from the proclass school management software?

What is Proclass management Software?

Proclass is a cloud-based management software solution that helps school and other similar membership organization to effectively and efficiently handle membership management, online registration and of curse, payment collation.

It can be likened to the physically and manually entering of student data in a school, members/staff data in an organization into their respective registering files and documents.

The difference is that a proclass management software is cloud-based which gives it a ton of advantages over the conventional one. This, we shall find out later in this article.

Typically, a proclass management software features class management, event management, attendance tracking, and of course, batch payment processing.

With these features typical to a Proclass School Management Software, it comes in handy for designing learning curriculum for schools and crafting training programs for staff in an organization such as nonprofit foundations and businesses.

 How Does A Proclass School Management Software Work?

This is best explained from within the interface. Deliberate and consistent navigation across the menus can get you acquainted with its workability.y

However, the proclass school management software is easy to understand and use. However, here are some fundamental features of a typical Proclass school management software:

i. The Student Portal Dashboard:

This is where a student accesses his/her registration details and general school reports such as the number of attendances, Tests, assignments, and exams records, the class status which shows his/her current class/level, subjects offered, etc. This way, a student can easily detect and report any irregularities about their bios or school data to the school management or admin or even the class master.

ii. School Portal

The school portal is the admin area. This is where most of the features of the proclass school management system can be found. It accords the school admin the rare opportunity of accessing the school database from one piece of software. From students’ details to the parents’ details, the admin can easily access or manipulate their information without having to go through hundreds to thousands of files.

And it doesn’t just stop there! A teacher as a class admin can easily mark or unmark class attendances, issue assignments to students, conduct tests and exams, send results to students via SMS, and more with simple clicks.

There are advanced features too like automating tasks. Some basic tasks such as daily routines, daily attendances check, etc, can be automated in order to save time and stay more productive. This simplifies a lot of workloads.

iii. Parents’ Portal

It is always the concern of every parent or guardian to be part of the overseers of their children’s/wards’ school activities. That is almost impossible but not with the Proclass school management software. A parent’s account allows them to track the progress, activities and general reports of their child academic performance without having to rely on the child’s words of mouth.

For example, a parent can easily find out the child’s attendance in class. Truant children can easily be tamed.

Getting more useful reports from the school management comes handy through the proclass software. Information like transport arrangements, a child’s dormitory details, class/school schedules, PTA information, etc.

Why does Every School Needs A Proclass school management software



Although you may have gotten some ideas about the importance of this software, let’s dive in deeper, however.

a. Prevent The Loss Of Information

On major role played by this incredible software is ensuring safe storage of information by preventing loss. How? You may ask. Well, a typical school, especially in this part of the world, often battles with information loss due to file misplacement, file loss, loss, fire incidences, etc.

This is possible because of a proclass school management software stores up data in the air in form of cloud storage. These data are retrieved on demand via the internet, hence, not locally stored. This poses a challenge to information loss agents such as firs incidences, negligence or even mischievous conscientious destruction of information.

b. Builds a School Perceived Competitiveness and Authority

We live I a digitally-inclined world. Therefore, a digitally-friendly school enjoys unmatched respect and opportunities for more than the analog ones. Technology is one thing that’s become dominant with no promises of leaving anytime soon. Fast-followers are enjoying the highest ROI.

c. Allows For Doing More In Less Time.

In this Fast-Paced world, everyone is always in a hurry. The time always seems to be too fast placing individuals and (organizations) behind schedules. There is a need for efficiency and the proclass school management software allows for speed and accuracy. This way, you can be able to do more in less time.

d. Transparency And Accountability.

With the proclass school management software, the needs for transparency and accountability are met. Parents do not need to be convinced to withdraw their kids, put in an ‘extra eye’ on them, or participate in PTAs.

All relevant and crucial information are hosted on this retrieval system for easy access.

School admins can also look into and assess the performances of individual class teachers and proffer advanced techniques to strategies that aren’t working optimally.

e. Reduces The Cost Of School Management.

You may not realize how much you could cut out of your school management expenses until you incorporate this software.

It is like outsourcing your school management tasks to a piece of software. The thing is that the cost is cut by almost half.

This complex but easy-to-use software can ensure the highest return on investment upon integration. The truest way to find out is to get started.

 Why Should You Choose Proclass School Management Software Over Similar Solutions?

There are a great many reasons you should choose the proclass school management software. But before we dive in fully, it is pretty cool to mention that there is other good software in the market also performing similar tasks. Examples are Ungerboeck, Bitrix24, and Wrike.

But considering that some of the above software are fairly older in the market than the proclass school management software, there is no doubt that it is receiving increasing patronage comparatively. This is possible due to the following unmatched features:

i. Top features

a. Customizable, intuitive dashboard-based interface.

b. Schedule calendar across multiple locations and times

c. Tracks attendance and link histories to customer accounts

ii. Support Options

a. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

b. Online Support

c. Phone Support

d. Video tutorial

To lay more credence to its performance, the software is patronized by large enterprises, mid-sized businesses, Nonprofit organizations, and small businesses.

Looking at the proclass app review in the app store, it has a 4.0-star reviews with 3.5 stars for value for money, 3.2 stars for ease of use, 3.5 for features and 4.1 stars for customer support. It has a 92% of users who recommend the app to colleagues. And you know what that means! You can refer to the comprehensive features of the proclass software here https://www.getapp.com/website-ecommerce-software/a/proclass/reviews/

The Proclass School Management Software Pricing

About the pricing? You have nothing to worry about. We prefer being specific to our customers. That is why we have come up with a pocket-friendly plan for you either as a school owner or an Affiliate.

Our plans are the best pricing you can get anywhere, and we are audacious about that.

Before then, let us review the general pricing and plans:


To understand our sacrifice concerning our so affordable pricing and amazing quality delivery, we would love you to check the comparsion in pricing below…
– An average School management software would cost around #300/student per term. But we charge just #100/student per term
– Some competitors charge up #100,000 for first time setup. But we charge just a flat fee of #50,000 only
Now comparing our pricing with the pricing of other other solutions in the market, it’s obvious that we stand by our mission statement which promises Efficient and Affordable Software Solutions and Web services for Businesses because we let go big amount of our revenue to serve our customers.
= For a school of 500 students:
Our Pricing =  #50,000 only
Our Competitor’s pricing = #150,000
Our Discount = Huge 67% discount

So now you understand our justification. Now, you know what we are doing differently, right?

But, it didn’t stop there! We have another plan for smaller schools and it is a bonus plan. Check it out below:


We are allowing free usage of our software to schools which are not up to 50 students yet. You should only pay for it once your students are more than 50 in number. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Hang on a little. You aren’t paying the much as listed above. You can just pay only #50k which covers License, hosting and customer support) and the software would be installed for you without any additional or hidden charges.

How can you make money from the proclass school management software?

Do you know you can make money from the proclass school management software? The software is a money-making opportunity just like running an online radio station. If you can market to schools or probably have some connections with schools’ owners or Administrators, then this opportunity is purely for you.

Well, we have made provisions to help you turn this product into one that can generate thousands of Naira.

How? You may ask.

Quite simple!

a. We shall sign a deal of 1 million Naira with you to get 50 schools to sign up and use our Proclass School Management Software.

b. You would be paid 100k naira as product completion bonus once you complete the task of getting 50 schools to successfully sign up for the software.

What Does This Mean?

It means we are paying you 20k naira for each school you get to use our Proclass School Management Software. And a bonus of 100k naira when you able to get 50 schools to successfully sign up for and use our Proclass School Management Software.

So, that is that. Let us know what your thoughts are about this article and the software per se.

Do well to contact us for personalized response to your queries. Let us know your thoughts and inquiries in the comment box below.


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